Moonfall (As Imagined by the Off-
Duty Ferryman Charon in Flight
over the River Styx)

Moonfall (As Imagined by the Off-Duty Ferryman Charon in Flight over the River Styx)—an installation of aerial photographs of clouds—examines a simple phenomenon: the basic instability of matter in delicate balance with its conservation.  Energy remains constant within a system though its form continually shifts.  One can think of a parallel with the human spirit. It is possible to imagine that the spirit is neither created nor destroyed but cycles through life and death.  Charon is a mythological figure who moves freely between the world of the living and the dead, ushering souls through a permanently twilit space from this world to the next. Transformation is a key agent throughout the installation, allowing movement between states.

The process of making these photographs physically embodies this phenomenon of transformation.  The images begin as black and white photographs that are toned.  The image in the photograph is developed, disintegrates and then is conjured again as it is being colored.  Forms assemble, repeat themselves, degrade and reappear changed.  The installation mirrors this process to create a meditative, self-enclosed, changing system.