Night Vision

Floor Plan


Night Vision, 2006
An installation of motion photographs and slide projections from the series Moon Studies and Star Scratches

The installation Night Vision combines still photographs and video—here called motion photographs—in a dark space. The motion photographs included in the installation are shot from a single perspective. They are silent, real-time recordings of nighttime phenomena, 1-10 minutes each, looped. These perimeters maintain a relationship to still photography.  The digital video camera adds a visceral quality to the still photographic inquiry and places the viewer into a direct relationship with nighttime experience. The imagery from the digital video camera shares some similarities with imagery generated the large-format still camera, and demonstrates clear differences in the ways cameras render similar phenomena. The motion photographs incorporate a characteristic of digital video—a fluctuating, “pixilated” atmosphere generated by low-light conditions—as an element within the motion studies that transforms the images from descriptive to experiential.  The photographs, dematerialized here as slide projections, become more directly experiential. One becomes aware of the limits of vision, and the varying capabilities of cameras to operate outside human vision.